Different Financial Instruments

From 2018 we are started our new arena with financial services for the Importers, Exporters and Traders 
L/C At Sight

We can issue sight L/C from the out country where no need Mortgage and Margin barrier to continue your import work.

Usance L/C

We have facility to issue Usance L/C from abroad on behalf of Importer for his imported items to overcome the Mortgage barrier.


Our service is to provide Confirmation and Discounting the L/C issued from Bangladesh with lowest Interest Rate and Charges. 


We can arrange the SBLC/BG for the extension of credit limit for financial or work order guarantee through the foreign rated bank and FI.
No need Mortgage

Export Finance

We have service for Exporters:
Try with our best facility to increase cash flow for your business. Processing is simple -

1.  After shipment we require your full Export Documents.
2. Verifying with Buyer we will update the L/C payment   

    clearance within 2/3 days to the applicant account 
    deducting the minimum charges.
3. We will adjust the Buyer payment on behalf of applicant

    in our Foreign account. 

NO More Delay. Mail us for Details if you have any query----


Deferred to Sight L/C

Some Importers have provision to provide the deferred L/C from their concern bank which is not accepted by Beneficiary. In this case we can convert your Deferred L/C to Sight L/C to utilize your credit facility paying a minimal charges where Interest rate is also lower than the regular rate.

Please contact for the details

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